aged cheeses

Pecorino Vecchio Cacio di Pienza

The cheese is produced with only sheep’s milk, that comes from Val d’Orcia (Orcia Valley) (Orcia Valley) pasturages, 

Pecorino Canestrato

It is produced with sheep’s milk. With a size of about 7,500 kg.

Pecorino di grotta

We all aspire to balancing our diet with healthy, genuine foods



Pecorino contadino noce

At the risk of seeming monotonous, referring over and over again to the traditions of the past, we continue in our mission of proposing to modern palates flavors that it would be a crime never to experience.

Pecorino D.O.P. stagionato

It is produced with sheep’s milk that comes from specific zones of origin, as enforced by the Consortium, which manages the production of pecorino DOP.